Mission Statement  

Cook County Schools Mission Statement 

The Cook County School System will provide all students with an exemplary education, which will meet the diverse needs of individual students in a positive and safe environment while preparing them for academic success, productive citizenship, and lifelong learning. 


Cook County Schools Vision Statement

The Cook County School System envisions a professional team of educators fostering community partnerships with the purpose of inspiring students to reach their individual potential. We envision a standards based, inclusive, and challenging curriculum that stimulates learning and creativity in a positive and safe environment.

  About The School  

About Cook Primary School

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Cook Primary School is a Title 1 School housing Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, and Second grades.  The faculty and staff satisfy the highly qualified requirements.

Our school is located within the Adel city limits in an urban area. Principal Mr. Leslie Folsom and Assistant Principal Dr. Joi Williams lead the school. Cook Primary employs 54 faculty and 17 staff and approximately 759 students.

Programs offered at our school include scheduled instruction in computers, physical education and music. Special instruction classes are also available for struggling students, and our guidance counselor provides Skills for Kids and Good Touch Bad Touch classes.

Our Beliefs

Student learning will be the highest priority.

  • Student effort will be recognized and rewarded.
  • Students will be provided a safe and secure environment.
  • Students will be held responsible for their behavior choices in order to develop the skills necessary to become productive citizens.
  • Students will be provided with the opportunity to develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially.
  • The entire school community - teachers, students,  parents, administrators, and community members - will share the responsiblity for teaching and learning.