Brittany Rowan Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
1st Grade


I graduated from Valdosta State University with honors in Early Childhood Education in 2011. I completed my Master's in Early Childhood Reading and Mathematics from Walden University in 2015.


I worked at the Board of Education for about four years while going to college for my Early Childhood degree. After student teaching I began to sub for the Cook County schools very regularly. I became a teacher at Headstart in March of 2012 and then took a job as a Pre-K para in Cook County. That is what brought me to my current career as a first grade teacher around November of 2012. I was very excited to be offered a job in the school in which I grew up in, and I could not be happier with what I am doing. I have taught in many capacities as a first grade teacher, ranging from special education inclusion, modified self-contained EIP, regular education, and gifted. 


My name is Brittany Hanks Rowan and I have lived in Cook County my entire life. I graduate from VSU in December 2011 and got married the following May to Gary Rowan, also of Cook County. My mother is Anna Barbara Hanks, my father is Doug Hanks, and my younger brother is Dylan Hanks. 

I love to teach and I am very thankful to have been offered a job in Cook County. My grandparents and great-grandparents were a part of this school system in its early years, and I am excited to be a part of something they helped with many years ago.