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Mrs.  Patti  Franklin
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     I began my education as a kindergartner in Lenox, GA.  I am able to teach because of the support I received from my parents, John Dale and Carol Pharr at a very young age. If I didn't understand, misbehave at school or if I needed extra help they were always there for me at home. 

     We continued together and I graduated from Cook High in 1990. I worked my way through college.  I have an associate's degree from ABAC and a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from VSU.   



  My name is Patti Franklin.  I have been teaching kindergarten since 1999 and I love this age group.  I have always wanted to teach kindergarten in order to help kids get off to a good start in their education.  School should be a positive experience for children and parents.  When I consider children in my class I think of my own children and their education.  I have 2 children, Anna-Lisa and Logan.  My husband and I do not want to fight a battle with them as we send them to school as I am sure you don't either.  We want them to enjoy school as they learn and we want to feel that we can depend on their teacher to take care of them.  You can have a peace of mind as your child spends the day with me Monday through Friday.  I will give them my best and try to meet every need that may pop up throughout the day.  Each morning during our morning of silence I stand in front of our class praying for a safe and successful day.  If you are not already praying for me please add me to your prayer list