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2nd Grade



HI! My name is Stephanie Butler and I LOVE to teach! I have had some experience with other grade levels but my heart is truly in second grade! I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Valdosta State University. I love to teach but I also love to LEARN so I went back to school to gain more education!! I received my Masters degree from Georgia Southwestern State University and my Specialist in Education degree from Valdosta State University!!

I would like to welcome you, as well as your child, to my classroom for his/her second grade experience! I am looking forward to an exciting and successful year with all of my students. I hope that you will also participate in our class this year by visiting or volunteering! Participation is the key to success! Your participation shows your child that you are interested in their education!

To make this year successful, these are some issues I would like to explain:

Your child needs to come to our classroom prepared to learn! Please make sure that your child has supplies throughout the year and remember breakfast is served free everyday to every student!

Homework will be given and should be turned in the next day. Homework will be given in math, english or spelling. Also, please spend time reading with your child and helping with his/her homework..

Teacher/parent conferences are very important for your child's development and success in school! During these meetings, we will discuss strengths and weaknesses of your child along with your child's progress! Please feel free to contact me anytime to schedule a conference or if you have any questions.


 Cook Primary School Rules:

1. Respect Others

2. Follow Directions

3. Talk Quietly With Permission

4. Keep Hands, Feet, and Objects to Yourself.