Beehive Bash Criteria

Beehive Bash focuses on the Three A's: ACADEMICS, ATTITUDE, and ATTENDANCE. During each nine week grading period a student must meet criteria in order to attend the celebration. A letter will be sent home with each student who meets the criteria listed below:


Students must develop good learning habits and work hard in all classes.


Students must demonstrate positive behavior that does not lead to office referrals resulting in Opportunity Room, Corporal Punishment, or a more severe punishment.


Students with no more than three unexcused absences or three unexcused tardies may attend Beehive Bash.

First Nine Weeks

Beehive Bash

October 5, 2022

Second Nine Weeks

Beehive Bash

December 15, 2022

Third Nine Weeks

Beehive Bash

March 16, 2023

Fourth Nine Weeks

Beehive Bash

May 22, 2023